Kelab Nujah Menua: Batang Mandai Trip 19-23 September 2023

Lubok Antu ⇒ PLBN Badau ⇒ Putussibau ⇒ Desa Nanga Raun (Kalis District, Kapuas Hulu Regency, West Kalimantan Province)

16 vehicles of ‘Kelab Nujah Menua’ members started their journey from Lubok Antu Town towards PLBN Badau. After the immigration clearance processes, the convoy travelled to Rumah Betang Bali Gundi, near Putussibau which took about 3 hours driving time.

The arrival of the convoy at Rumah Betang Bali Gundi was warmly welcomed by the Dayak Taman tribe with traditional ceremonies and cultural performances. After lunch, the ‘Kelab Nujah Menua’ convoy continued their journey to Desa Nanga Raun, Kalis District, where all members stayed for 3 nights during this visit.

Arrival At Desa Nanga Raun Around 8PM (WIB)

The ‘Kelab Nujah Menua’ convoy was once again welcomed with a traditional ceremony and a very special cultural performance from the community in Desa Nanga Raun, Kalis District.

‘A Picture Tells More Than a Thousand Words’